Here's what our customers have to say:
Can't wait to see you all!! Thank you Dr. Jam for supporting our community!
Thank you for getting this going.
This speaks to my heart. I am so thankful that you stepped up for pahrump. I lost a couple animals due to an emergency and they didn't make it to Vegas.
Thank you Dr Jam and your awesome and caring helpers for taking care Taz and Brownie.
Well I met her. Was very impressed. Thank you for letting me know my little furbaby  needs a baby tooth removed. Bunch of great gals I met that day. As long as you stay affordable. As long as you work toward having a Hospital for our poor baby's when they are sick. I welcome you with open arms. Pahrump we got a winner here. Let's show her how welcome she is.
I highly recommend them. I could afford them for all three of mine. Thank you Dr Jam.
Omg It's nice to have a REAL VET , with affordable prices, available when OUR pets need them. . I'm always scared something might happen to my babys on weekends. I can't drive to Vegas. What a relief. I understand we had one available but I would have to break the bank to see them on a weekend. Hell. I had to break the bank during the week for my babys to be seen. Dr. Jam. Your The Bomb!!! I'm a Fan of Dr. Jam.
She is a fabulous mix of professionalism and down to earth kindness. Her staff is amazing. I cannot recommend her enough! This town needs these services.
God bless her heart. Some one who not all about the money. I think her team is going to be a power house in animal care because they do. Care. With that will come riches I pray. I'm a fan of team Jam.
This is just what our area needed. Thank you!
I certainly appreciate the convenience of having you make the house visit.
We LOVE her.
Dr Jam is the Vet this town has been praying for.  

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